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The everything calculator
PowerOne® is a different kind of calculator that makes fast work of calculations you repeat regularly (plus a full-featured standard and RPN calculator for those you don't).
PowerOne does this in three ways. First, it makes it quick and easy to get results. Calculation templates are laid out like mini-spreadsheets. Input what you know and PowerOne will calculate what you don't. PowerOne runs perfectly as an iOS app, MacOS app, or in your favorite mobile or desktop web browser.
Second, creating templates is simple. While most of us can read and write sentences, far fewer have the same comfort level with numbers. That is because we often talk about math in abstract terms — x or y, A3 or C4 — concepts that most of us don't understand. PowerOne, on the other hand, allows you to describe numbers using phrases, which turns equations into readable sentences. While you can create your own, we also provide hundreds of pre-created templates that you can use and/or customize.
Finally, sharing templates is as simple as sending someone the web address.
Award-winning PowerOne has been distributed to over 20 million customers since 1997. Partners have included DEWALT Tools, GE Security, Samsung, Sony, National Association of Realtors, ETS and the College Board, among others.
PowerOne is available on the web and in the iOS App Store.
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Meal planning and recipes for families
We were tired of the discussion, tired of eating the same meals over and over again, tired of the kids complaining about dinner, tired of the constant runs to the grocery store.
So I built Vittles.
First, we now work as a family to plan our meals. Vittles tells us how long it has been since we last ate something. All of our recipes are in one place, shared with our kids so they can help cook as well.
Second, while tonight's meal might not be desirable, our kids could see that something they loved was just a day or two away. No more "What's for dinner?" Everyone can see for themselves.
Finally, by planning out our meals for the week, we can now shop once and buy everything we need for the week. Less trips to the store makes for a happier family.
Vittles is currently available by invite only.
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White label sales lead generation
I've been thinking about this problem since about 2006 or so: how do you help companies that can't afford IT organizations to build apps? This isn't websites but instead functional software that helps companies focus on their business and their customers rather than the processes that make the company go.
I kind of gave up on the idea except I kept having these conversations with customers where they'd want to hire me to move a paper process to a computer or an Excel-based process to a mobile device. It's consultative sales! I even created some of these: a web service here, an app there, generally custom or close to it using PowerOne as a base.
Contract development is too expensive and most companies realize that maintenance is the killer. No code platforms, not a thing when I started thinking about this concept, are now so complex that it takes an engineer on staff to use them, completely defeating the intent.
Gazelle is the first turn-key, white label service designed specifically for sales teams.
Right now, I'm working with one customer at a time. Intrigued? Get in touch.
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